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Stan giving out Christmas Gifts to Indonesian Seafarers

Maritime Christian Ministries (MCM) was inaugurated in 1998 to continue the Christian Witness in the Port of Liverpool. Stan and Irene Sherrington  pioneered this ministry when Stan retired from Seaman’s Christian Friend Society (SCFS) on his 65th Birthday. Not wanting to see this work and witness disappear – Stan’s vision was to begin this new work in the Port under the banner of MCM. The work had been long-established over 50 years.

MCM is a registered Charity and is overseen by three Trustees and a Committee of like-minded people who have taken the interests of the work to heart. Over the years since 1998 Stan and Irene had been praying for a younger couple to come and join them in the work. And in the July of 2003 Dave and Dot Robertson came into the work from York. Dave originally had come from Liverpool and had previously worked as a volunteer as part of Stan’s ship visiting team back in the late seventies and early eighties and so had some idea of what the work would involve.  


Dave & Dot Robertson

In June 2013 Stan retired from the work and the Ministry was handed over to Dave and Dot in a more fuller capacity, and in July they both celebrated 10 years within the work. Thanking God for all of Stan and Irene’s pioneering work in the past, and looking forward  to all that God has for the future.  


Dave Robertson, 22 Atholl Crescent, Liverpool L10 8AB

E. drmcm100@yahoo.co.uk  – T. +44 (0)151 378 1046

                                   M. +44 (0)7814456721  

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    1. Dave Robertson Post author

      Stan retired in 2013 and is now re-married living in Heaton W. Yorkshire – I have worked with Stan in MCM since 2003 and am continuing the Ministry full time – you can get the details from the website. The Ministry continues and God continues to bless our work and witness on the ships here in Liverpool. How do you you know Stan?

      Best Wishes

      Dave Robertson
      Port Chaplain
      MCM Liverpool


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