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Report for Sept/Oct 2019 -Port of Liverpool

“Noah, did everything just as God had commanded him” Gen 6:22

As the rain falls seemingly continuously on my window, I think of the story of Noah and some thoughts that I had about this a little while ago. There are many facets to the account in Genesis that could be illustrated, but the one I want to focus on is the long obedience that Noah’s life demonstrated. It is mentioned twice that Noah did as God had commanded him Ch 6:22; 7:5 this was in relation to the building of the Ark and the gathering of various animals, insects and the like to go into the Ark – this process involved probably between 55 -75 years of Noah’s life. With hindsight the writer to the Hebrews would say of Noah:

“By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an Ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of righteousness that comes by faith”

We too walk by faith and not by sight but for us too there is the on-going walk of faith that we take every day, as we decide to be obedient to God’s commands and follow on. Obedience can be a lengthy process but again it is one of the important facets of Noah’s life, and ours too.  

In my last letter I told you about Erwin and the issues around the crew not getting paid or re-patriated home for those who had finished their contracts. Well the good news was that this was resolved and the crew were paid and those who had to get home did so – so we are thankful to God that our prayers were answered.

On one of the Arklow Vessels I met Jay and HermieJay asked if I would pray for his son Jacob who is mute and has other learning difficulties too. Also, I am sure I met Hermie a long time ago and he completed a Bible course that was given him – they are also long-time friends with Colin Jenkins in Cork. I contacted Colin via Messenger and we all had a video chat for about 20 mins which was great. (By the way Colin was not driving but was stationary.)

Colin and Jay

Visiting the Elisalex Schulte I had a really good visit on the vessel spoke to several crew including Jeffrey the mess man and also Eureka a Ghanaian engine trainee who I believe is a Christian.

I had a long conversation with Jeffrey and shared the gospel with him. He has some idea, but was a little confused on what it all means. Several other crew took NT’s and Our Daily Bread.

A couple of days later I was contacted by two other crew Bryant and Danhilo from the same ship. They wanted to come and visit me at home – so I spent the day with them on the way we stopped and had a Macdonald’s. They enjoyed their time with us and I will keep in regular touch with them as their ship visits frequently.

Danhilo & Bryant

Two crew from the La Frenais Adonis and James came home and we had a really good evening with them.

James & Adonis

The Agria had also just come in so I was unsure what reaction there might be, it was warm and welcoming. When I was in the mess a number of crew took NT’s and ODB. I checked the crew list and recognised the name of the C/ Engineer – it was great to meet up with Roy Gadaga again. He had been in our house back in 2017. I invited him home and he was able to visit us again – he blessed us greatly with a lovely gift of a clock in the form of an anchor. We certainly don’t look for these presents but they are a blessing to us – as we reflect on how generous our seafarer friends can be – despite a hard and difficult life.