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Report for Jul/Aug 19′ – Port of Liverpool

And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”  Micah 6:8 

Here in this well-known verse the prophet Micah told the people exactly what he wanted them to do. It was a personal matter that each one was to consider and reflect on. Justice and Mercy and Humility before a Holy God and to others. For God had a case against his people – and they thought that with many sacrifices and offering they could vindicate themselves before a Holy God. To be able to demonstrate these Characteristics also – then we too need to know in our lives something of his Justice and Mercy and receive these in all humility. They are offered to us and then we can offer them to others who cry out to us for help in a time of need. Sadly in this Ministry many suffer unjustly at the hands of unscrupulous people.

A cry for help as one seafarer, someone I have known for many years contacts me and asks for aid. The crew have not received their allotments for their family back home, many have finished their contracts but cannot go home there is uncertainty because of non- payment.

My friend a brother in Christ – a personal plea.

“I’ve got family and three kids – Bills and debts to pay – what am I gonna do – please my friend give me some advice?”

What does the Lord require of me?  –

My friend is off the coast of Spain heading for their next Port. Yes, we can pray and we do so – it is appreciated. But practically I can do something I am able to contact the Spanish Authorities for their next Port – they respond and will visit when the ship berths. They board and the ship is arrested, not that one would desire this. But I am grateful to God that Justice will hopefully be done and the crew will eventually receive what is rightfully theirs. Experience teaches me that these are often long drawn out situations, as the crew still await payment and repatriation. We continue to pray.

I visit the Amira Mariam unusually it had Syrian and Egyptian crew and three Indians. I cannot remember the last time we had a mainly Arabic crew, the C/O gave me a good welcome and introduced me to the Cook Abdul. These men are so friendly and hospitable we had some good conversation and I meet his family via Social Media wife and six daughters!

Abdul – Cook

Can I help? The request is not pushy, no problem if I cannot. Do I have any clothes especially for the two little ones in his family? Of course, this is not a problem it gives me further opportunity to return with other Arabic and Indian literature.  It was good to come back with the clothes and the Gospels and Bibles in Arabic. But the late Guus Peters book “Navigating the Muslim Heart” in Arabic went down well as there were several testimonies about Syrian crew which they read.

Abdul and another Crew member

Visiting the Ronja I met Gratia the C/Mate – whose first words where we need Bibles in Latvian and Lithuanian – not the usual greeting!

Gratia – C/ Officer

Gratia wanted to disseminate them to his crew mates. It was a real pleasure to be able to go and get the Word of God in his own Language and return later to give it to him.


Going on board the Tequila which has been in on many occasions, you always receive a good welcome from the crew. I caught a number of them as they came in for Coffee break. A number of Gideon NT’s and ODB was taken and it was a good response.

On the Gh Rich Wall – I had conversations with two crew on separate occasions. And it is interesting in getting two responses. Hossain who was a Muslim, listened as I spoke about Faith in Christ and why he came but in the end would not take a NT from me. Saying he was a Muslim


I also met ‘Harry’ later who was from Punjab – he also listened again as I shared my Faith and the gospel yet at the end agreed to take a NT to read for himself.


Although he is from Punjab, he is a Hindu, but his Fiancée has been encouraging him to read and consider Sikhism. My prayer is that he may consider the claims of the gospel and the Christian faith.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.