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Report for May/June 2019 – Port of Liverpool

“For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”  Heb 4:12

We know that John reminds us in his gospel that Jesus is the Word incarnate. But the Word has also been given to us verbally, and written down. The writer to the Hebrews reminds us that it is an active living Word likened to a sword – in fact sharper than any sword! It has the incredible ability through the Holy Spirit to judge us with an all-seeing eye. Discerning thoughts and attitudes, penetrating our very soul and spirit. The following verse (vs 13) reminds us that nothing is hidden from God’s sight, and that everything is uncovered and laid bare before him. What a privilege then to place this living Word of God into the hands of seafarers as they come into the Port of Liverpool.

It was really good to be given nearly 200 Gideon NT’s and to begin to distribute them.   

The Triple A has been in several times and it was good to meet a number of the guys who gave me a good welcome. Many of them were really pleased to get a NT.

Jerryl (Third from Left)

Jerryl the deck cadet was a believer and quite enthusiastic in his faith. It was good to resource him with literature and books to encourage him in his Christian Life.



Another crew member on the Arklow View Eddie who was the cook shared with me the importance of the Word of God in his life. 


He again was really happy to receive a NT and Our Daily Bread as I looked to encourage him also.



Visiting the – Tomini Symphony with an Indian crew, I had a fine welcome and met a number of men. I left a number of resources for them, and had some conversation with an Oiler Gregory he was a Tamil and a R/C. He sometimes struggled to convey in English what he wanted to say. But was again pleased to received a Gideon NT. I also showed him the Gideon Bible App, and here he was able to access a NT in Tamil on his phone. Ideally, He would have liked a Tamil Bible, and asked if I had one?

I said that I would check this out and if I did, I would come back later.


 So, it was really good to be able to place a Tamil Bible in his hands the next day along with an Emmaus Bible course ‘The Christian Life’. I explained that this was important for him as it explained what it was to be a Christian and to live that life.


Somewhat differently, I was contacted by my good friend Ramon Sanchez. He and his family are coming to the end of a 3-year stint on the Africa Mercy, latest field service is in Guinea. He is the Hotel Engineer on board, and his wife Nina is in hospitality and their son Kim has just graduated from the ships Academy. Ramon put me in touch with a Christian nurse Eunice who was undergoing a course at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. As it turned out there were another three of her colleagues who were also doing the same course and all at some point had served on the ship as well. Con’t

Contacting Eunice, I invited her to our home group, and she in turn invited her three friends. Who were all very welcome.

Ann-Marie, Amber’Eunice, and Esther

 It was a lovely time of Christian Fellowship and we were able to find out a little about their lives and their work. Eunice is a Filipina but has been a resident in Canada

most of her life, the other three ladies are Americans.   Some will return to the ship later, and others will be seeking God’s will for their futures. Real privilege to me these ladies and to offer hospitality and fellowship.  

 Sometimes helping people opens opportunities, on the M.V. Lake  Ontario I met a Polish husband and wife team Vladimir and Margaret who were in the Galley. On-board they had a number of other ‘guests’ and were very busy catering for them as well as the crew. They asked if I would be

willing to exchange some money for them, as it would not be possible for them to leave the ship in the day. And any money exchange shop would be closed in the evening. I was happy to do this for them.

Margaret & Vladimir

 Later when I returned, I offered them a Polish Bible and Polish Our Daily Bread. They were very happy to take this from me which was very encouraging.