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Report for Sept- Oct 2018 – Port of Liverpool

“….I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now….” Phil 1: 4-5

Prayer and Partnership such important things in the life of this Mission. The first Monday of every Month (ex. Bank Holidays) we meet to pray concerning this Ministry. Perhaps you cannot attend because of the obvious reason that you are located elsewhere. But please remember us wherever you are. If you are local and free in the day, please come and join us between 2pm-3pm on that first Monday at home, we would love to see you.  Partnership vital  too – Paul rejoiced that the Philippian Church Partnered with him in the work of the gospel. I am grateful to God for likeminded Chaplains and ship visitors in other Ports. We are able to Communicate with one another and pass on contacts.

We look to encourage one another in the Ministry to seafarers and share stories and information. And so it was that I was contacted by a friend and colleague in Vancouver Paul Ratoff. Paul has a heart for the Maldivian seafarer, we only ever see a few of these guys. The Island where they live is very much a Muslim stronghold. There are very few believers to be found on the Island. But Paul had told me about the Edwine Oldendorff visiting Liverpool.  He asked could I look out for any Maldivian seafarers, it was not long before Ibrahim walked into the Mess and we got talking he was a very friendly guy. As it turned out, knew Paul quite well having met him back in 2007.


Ibrahim was happy for me to leave him gospel literature in his own language, it was good to let Paul know that I had contacted one of his old seafaring friends.



On a similar note I had some good conversation with Sedney – the Filipino on watch on the Aalsfjord – they were leaving within a couple of hours.


But I was able to pass on his details to my colleague in Dublin which was their next Port – here Jae was able to follow them up. So, it is just great to connect across the world in ministering to our seafaring friends. To encourage and help one another.


Followup in Dublin






I have often said that it is great when seafarers come to Church with us and we can spend some time with them afterwards. It was great to meet Mark on board the Nautical Lucia.  He contacted me to go to Church. And he brought his friend Edmar along too.

Mark and Edmar at Church

I know that both of these seafarers were encouraged and blessed in their faith from the time spent with us. Later, they wanted to go into the City as they only had a short time ashore. We took them to the waterfront here which is pretty good. We treated them to the great British delicacy Fish and Chips! – think they may have preferred Fish and Rice!!





I met Nonnoy earlier this year he had since been home and come back again on a new ship the Arklow Villa. He contacted me again to say he was coming into Liverpool, so it was good to visit him. And later he came home for some hospitality.

Nonnoy at Home

We continue to pray for both himself and his wife Carmen. We have left and shared the Word of God with him. They would love to have a child but so far this has not happened. We are praying that God may bless them in this way but that his will may be done.

Every Blessing Dave & Dot