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Report for Mar – Apr 18′ – Port of Liverpool

“There is a time for every everything and a season for every activity under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

It has been an encouraging couple of Months with a number of contacts made. On one occasion I received a phone call from the local Seafarer Centre they had a young deck cadet who wanted to go to Church Lemuel Tabigan. I had been on Lemuel’s ship and was aware of him but had been unable to meet him at that point.

Lemuel at Church


So, it was good to meet him at last, he came to Church and he enjoyed the fellowship, but on that occasion, we had to get back straight after, as he had duty. In the weeks that followed I met him several times. It was good to encourage   this young believer with several resources.

Lemuel on Board



Lemuel came to Church on the next two Sundays, on the last occasion another crew member came with him Lynwell. Lynwell was interested in why the young cadet was coming to Church so wanted to join him. The Word of God was a challenge to him as he listened – afterwards they came back for some Lunch.  


Usually we only get couple of ships from Thailand in a year, so it was good to meet three Thai crew Ben, Gon and Guy. There was good opportunity to leave some Thai literature, and I also had some good conversation with the 3rd Mate Ben.

Gon Guy and Ben

Ben was a Buddhist but was prepared to listen to my explanation of the Christian message and take a Bible app where I told him he could read for himself the Gospel account.

On another vessel I visited I was able to take Winfred to the seafarer centre, but on our way, he asked me some interesting question about faith in the UK. Again, this enabled me to explain to him the importance of Faith in Christ and knowing him in our lives. He took a number of scripture resources from me.

On the Basic Princess I met Miguel (Migs) who is a believer, the ship was recently in Dublin and the SCFS Chaplain Jae had great time with the crew. So, I was hopeful to follow this up –


Meeting Migs was a great encouragement we had some time of fellowship and sharing and prayer, he told me the time that God had intervened in his life and saved him from a possible serious accident. It was a fascinating encounter that he explained.

I received a communication that my good friend Alex Fernando was coming in to Liverpool. I had not see Alex in many a year, so it was something to look forward too.

I was supposed to visit the Spar Indos at Lunch time, but this got cancelled –. When I Visited the ship in the evening I had a great time on board with many opportunities, Alex has a good reputation on board.

Alberto Shiva and Alex

And he brought many men to meet me, this afforded me the opportunity to pray with some and distribute literature and share the gospel with others. Later on, he came back home and we had a great time of catching up. At about the same time I also met another Believer Alberto on board a Tanker So, it was really good to encourage this brother too.


Alex expressed a wish to go to Church so I took him along with Alberto and another crew member Shiva to a prayer meeting. Here Alex was allowed to give a word of Testimony – this was a great blessing to all the church who had attended.

Alex giving his Testimony

Thank you all for your support and prayers during this time


Dave & Dot