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Report for May – June 2017 – Port of Liverpool

“God is not unjust; that he will not forget your work and the Love you have shown him as you have helped his people, and continue to help them” Hebrews 6:10 

This verse finds itself in a passage coming after Hebrews 10 vs 1-8 that has perplexed God’s people down the ages. But the note of serious warning found in these verses should not deflect from the other equal truth found here in verse 10. As a Holy God cannot ignore rebellion, neither can he forget genuine works of service done in love for God. God is not unjust! Helping and continuing to help the people of God, reflects a love for him that he fully recognises and cannot forget. These are the better things mentioned in vs9 – that the author makes reference to and what he expects from the Hebrew believers he writes too. And by implication this is for us also.   

In the past couple of months there have been several opportunities to ‘help’ and encourage Christian believers in various ways. Jeyson a 3rd Officer who I met several months ago finally arrived home. But I was aware that finding Christian fellowship where he lived was quite difficult.

So it was great when he contacted me with the picture below to say that he had received the Emmaus Course ‘Guide to Christian Growth’ and the ‘Mark Time’ – Gospel of Mark by Gerard Crispin. He was really looking forward to getting into these studies and I will look forward to getting his answer sheets back.

It is always good to meet believers from China so when the ship Osmarine berthed – I was given a very warm welcome. The A/B on watch Li Cong noticed in my bag literature in Chinese and told me he was a Christian.

C/Mate – Zhu – 2nd Officer

The Boson then came out and Li told me he was a Christian too Zhu Guo Bing, We went into the office with the C/Officer – and I was able to give them both a Bible as well as Li Cong who was on watch. I visited the ship several times and was able to give them a number of resources in Chinese to encourage them in their Faith. Later in the week on the Sunday Li contacted me and said that he would like to go Church.

Zhu and Li

We are blessed to have a good Chinese Church here in Liverpool so both Dot and myself were able to spend the day with them at the Chinese Church. We know the Pastor who had been a Missionary with OMF in Taiwan.  We attended the English service while Li and Zhu went to both the Mandarin and Cantonese services. It was great for them to have fellowship with their own countryman and to receive Ministry from God’s word in their own language..

On another occasion I visited the Georgia T – I met a number of crew who were Believers. Rolly Flores was an O/S on watch who had previously pastored a small Baptist Church in the Philippines. But he had to return back to sea to provide for his family. He told me that the Captain Reynaldo Akino was a Christian too, and led many studies on board. When I met him we had some good conversation and prayer together, he was going home in a couple of days. The Captain said that he was keen to get some resources for his study and for his wife too who was a Rev. back home. When they visited us at home and he explained this to Dot she thought he said she was a Rebel. This was a great source of amusement for everyone.

Rolly, and Captain Reynaldo; C/ Eng. Juan

 I was able to return with a number of Bible Commentaries and other Christian resources that I had. Captain Reynaldo was overjoyed to receive these, they were somewhat heavy, but he sacrificed other things in his suitcase so that he could get them home, deeming them more important.

I am grateful to God for the opportunities that continue to come our way as we reach out to the men of the sea.

Just before Easter the Tanker Thun Gothenburg visited us which is in quite regularly. I spent a bit of time with one of the A/B’s Roland he was keen to have a Bible and Jesus DVD. So I took him to my car where I was sure that I had both waiting, the Jetty man came too as he had to let us out of the Berth. As he came over to the car he saw the Gideon NT’s I had which do look like a diary from the back, so he enquired if they were and could he have one? When I explained what they were and showed him his response changed somewhat as I offered him one. He said that he had read it, as he walked away but added ‘anyway he dies in the end doesn’t he? – to which I replied ‘yes but three days later he rose from the dead.’  Just a simple witness but hopefully one that may cause a conversation if I have chance to meet him again on my travels.

Crew from the Anima

 We are always grateful to the individuals and Church groups that continue to knit woolly hats and chest warmers for us. They are always greatly appreciated by the crew that receive them as the picture below illustrates – thank you.

Next month God Willing we will visit our dear friends the Sanchez family on the vessel that they are serving on the Hospital ship M.V. Africa Mercy. The ship is due into dry dock in Las Palmas shortly – we hope to catch them soon after she come out of dry dock and is back on the water alongside. We hope to spend about 10 days with them on the ship as they are due some vacation time.