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Report for May – June 2015′ – Port of Liverpool UK


“ Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers  ” Gal Ch 6 :10

Opportunties come in varying degrees, since in this Ministry I am meeting new people all the time so the opportunities are many and various. Doing good to others is a characteristic or should be of the Christian. But doing good is not exclusively a Christian virtue; there are many people who are found to be kind and generous and could be deemed to be ‘good’, who would never consider themselves to be Christian. That is why our salvation is not based on good deeds or works, if so – there are far more worthy individuals than ourselves. Of course Jesus himself remarked that only God was good, did the man realise the implications of calling Jesus ‘good’? Nevertheless, Paul writing to the Galatians still maintained that it was our responsibility to do good, and especially to fellow believers whenever we have the opportunity.

So it was really good to get four crew back home from the Eleni P. When I had visited the ship and went into the mess room I saw that on the notice board was a ‘verse for the day’, so I asked who was responsible for this.  I was told it was an A/B called Ronbert Bibat, I asked could I meet him?   Eventually we met up but I also got into conversation with Johnie who was also a believer and I found out that they produce a verse in English for the officers, and a verse in Tagalog for the Filipino crew every day.    Ronbert

Ron – Crew verse for the day

 Johnie - Eleni P

Johnie – Officers verse for the  day

It was very encouraging to see this, and in itself was a bold witness to all the crew. So it was really good to have them back home with us along with two other crew Dox (Cook) and John (O/S) . We had a time of friendship and sharing about life and ended the evening with a Bible reading and prayer. Please remember Johnie’s wife in prayer as she awaits a kidney transplant back in the Philippines. How hard it is for these men who sacrifice so much for their families back home.

Crew Eleni P

Dox, Johnie ,John and Ron at Home

I had the privilege to visit the CSL Rhine here I met my good friend a brother in Christ Capt. Giovanni – we had a great time of fellowship and conversation together.

Capt Giovanni


I found out a little more about his family situation back home and we spoke about many things it was good to encourage him in his faith and to have provided resources to do this. I hope to build up my friendship with the rest of the crew also as they get to know me a little better, the ship should visit several more times in the near future. I    concluded my visit in prayer.                                                        Capt. Giovanni

I visited the Lady Anna in Birkenhead – previously I had met Glenn and Archie. Archie has since gone home, but it was great to catch up with Glenn once again.

2015-04-22 12.32.08


 When I arrived the crew were just having lunch and invited me to join them, after this I was able to spend about 25 min with Glenn catching up – he had recently lost his Father but was unable to get home. It was good to meet up with him and have some fellowship. Glenn is now back in the Philippines and is doing Taxi driving to supplement his income.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get much conversation from crew  – on the Hagen I   had received a good welcome and was able to get access into the small mess. Here I met the Motorman who told me he was a Christian by this I think he meant Russian Orthodox. I asked if he would like a Bible but he said that he uses his Smart phone to read the scriptures, which was encouraging. We had some further conversation and he told me he had two small children, I asked if he would like a Children’s Bible but he declined.

A few survey vessels come in and out of the Port , mainly they are working at the Windfarms that are located at the Mersey Bar.

One such ship was in for a short while the Vos Inspirer with mainly UK crew on short contracts and a few foreign seafarers too. As always there was a coolness from some of the UK crew on the vessel, striking up a conversation was laboured. But I was pleased to find a Polish seafarer among them, he asked if I had any Polish literature. It was good to give him several ‘Away from Home’ Booklets in Polish and he asked for some in Russian for his colleagues, so I gave him a few Russian gospels. He then went off to pass on this literature to his crew mates a real person of peace – he said ‘we are safe now that we have this literature’.

The STI Bronx (Fil) had only been berthed for several hours most of the crew were busy with inspections but I met Eric who was keen to take a Bible, I reminded him of the importance of reading it every day and what it spoke of.

2015-04-30 11.02.26

Crew of the STI Bronx

Re-visiting the Sti Bronx (Fil) once again had a good welcome from all the crew.  One of the ‘tracts’ that really gets crew attention is the ‘Million dollar Bill’ which many take for souvenir purposes. But it has a challenging message on the back of each Bill – so the crew are always encouraged to read it. There was opportunity to have some good conversation with the men as well as leaving the Word of God for all the crew.

 I love hearing the testimonies of those young believers that I meet. On the Falcon Trader 1 I had spent a bit of time helping the 2nd Engineer John John out with getting internet access on his mobile phone so he could speak with his family .

John John

John John (Far Right) with Galley crew

Not wishing to miss the opportunity of leaving the Word of God with him and sharing something of my faith. He told me direct that he was Born Again, and had been since he was 15 years old. He then explained that he was the first in his family to believe. After this through his testimony his sisters came to put their trust in the Lord Jesus and then his Mother and Father too. John John is active with his wife in their local Church in Iloilo. I was hoping that he would be free to come to Church, but the ships’ discharging was completed much quicker than expected. When I re-visited the ship it was due to sail later in the morning.

Again thanks to everyone who remembers us in their prayers and for all the practical support we receive also – God Bless.