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At the Captains Table

Not long after we had returned from the Philippines, I was back visiting the men of the sea, I was on the opposite side visiting another vessel as I noticed a Bulker coming in so decided to get a quick picture.

2014-03-31 11.08.59
Bulk Costa Rica coming into Port

She was called the Bulk Costa Rica  and little did I know it but I would get know the Captain very well. When I went on board the crew gave me a very warm welcome and I visited the ship several times. Over this time I got to know the Captain quite well Arturo Maranon. He introduced himself and I soon found out that he was a believer. He informed me that he would normally spend some time with the crew sharing the Word of God but due to the hasty nature of him joining this vessel it had not been possible to arrange things as he would have liked.

2014-04-05 17.34.48
John and Pat Lord with Dot with Captain Art

So I asked him if he would like me to return to the ship and conduct a service on board that which I was quite willing to do. So he invited us to dinner on the Saturday evening and afterwards we would conduct a service / Bible study. All the crew were expected to attend, so myself and Dot along with our friends John and Pat Lord went on board and the cook prepared a nice meal for ourselves, it was very relaxed and informal as we sat at the Captains table and met the rest of the crew who joined us for the meal.  Once the meal was concluded we all went into the conference room and gathered around – I had brought New Testaments and other literature. For our study I had decided to look at the Title ‘Two Ways to live’ and challenge the men that there was no sitting on the fence, that we were either for Christ or against him – there was no middle ground.

2014-04-05 18.10.07
Crew listening to God’s Word


       2014-04-05 18.10.18

The men were patient and attentive and listened while the scriptures were opened  the Captain also contributed and challenged his men too because the days were short and no one was certain whether they would see tomorrow.

2014-04-05 19.16.32
Captain and Crew – Bulk Costa Rica

This was borne out a couple of weeks later when the Captain emailed me and said that when the ship was leaving their last Port Amsterdam they were involved in a collision with another vessel which caused huge damage on their Port side. Fortunately, their were no injured crew on either ship and no pollution either. But again it was a reminder of the dangerous nature of their occupation, and how easily it is to be injured or lose one’s life. When they had left Liverpool we have prayed that the crew may be kept safe and well on their voyages, we were glad that the Lord was good in sparing these men on board ship.