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Young Men of Faith

A seafarers life can be long and difficult, it is full of many hazards and hardships. Over the years that I have visited the men of the sea, several have received very serious injuries,three have lost their lives and several have gone missing presumably (hopefully) they have just jumped ship for a ‘better’ life. 


 At the end of the day they are just men and some women like you and me at their work looking to provide for their families back home.Whether they are busy on deck or taking on stores or even cleaning out the hold of a ship theirs is often hard work in a hostile environment.

I always enjoy meeting up with these men, being there to meet them and look to provide for their spiritual and welfare needs. Sometimes I meet young men of faith who have committed their lives to following and serving Jesus Christ.It is good to be able to help these men to grow in their faith and witness on board their ships.


One such man was Johannes, when I provided literature for him he was grateful and even took a picture of what was provided. He told me how hard it was for him to be a witness on board but thanked me for encouraging him. Over the last month I have met others like Dan and Rene who were young men of faith each trying their best to live for their Saviour what a privilege to be able to help each of them in their journey of faith