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Further encounters with the Men of the Sea

The Alex Y – was a ship name change from a vessel that had been detained for well over a year – the new crew were Romanian and one Syrian, they had been on board for several months. I met Ibrahim a 19 year old Syrian his mother was Romanian – he invited me down and he was very friendly, he brought his Hookah pipe down and puffed away.


He asked if I would like some I respectfully declined! – I gave him some scriptures in Arabic and he told me what it said.This opened up a good conversation as he was Muslim and I shared with him the hope of the gospel and who I believed Jesus Christ was and not just a prophet. I offered him the chance to have a Bible and some other literature. I revisited the Alex-Y and met Ibrahim again, he was working in the engine room but he came up to meet me and asked if I had the books for him, it was good to give him the Arabic Bible and also another book Navigating the Muslim Heart by my friend Guus Peters.

Later on that day I visited a Chinese vessel and was warmly welcomed by the crew, they were very keen to take the woolly hats and chest warmers, the scriptures were readily taken also – all of them!  DSC_0111

Zhau Jun an engine cadet came and sat with me he made me coffee and also said that I should try some Chinese tea.


The tea was duly brought with thick tea leaves, it certainly was a different taste, I left both an English and Chinese Our Daily Bread (ODB) with him as he wanted to improve his English which was not so bad. I said that he should read the stories either first thing or last thing at night, I offered him a New Testament English/Chinese but he said that the ODB was sufficient for the time being.   

I visited a Bulgarian ship the Rodopi – but it looked like I would not get very far – although they did take the Bulgarian literature I had prepared for them. But as it turned out Petar Georgiev the electrical engineer appeared as he wanted to go ashore.


As we left Petar quite boldly exclaimed that he was Born again and loved the Lord Jesus. So he came home and we had a great time of fellowship, Petar is a bold witness on board, and just when you think nothing is happening God has his men in the right place and at the right time. God has done great things in this man’s life and he has a natural freedom and expression of joy with the things the Lord has done in his life. It was great to take him along to Church on the Sunday. Petar loved being their and joining in with worship with other Christians.