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Maritime Christian Ministries seeks to minister to seafarers of all nationalities as they visit the port of Liverpool. We provide spiritual, moral and material help wherever possible. When necessary Maritime Christian Ministries also ministers to the needs of the families and dependents of seafarers.

Crew Stellar Eagle

There are some 52-54,000 ships world wide and as an Island we depend on shipping to both import and export goods to these shores.            


There are an estimated 1.2 million seafarers world wide. Of course not all come to any one port but it does present us with opportunities to reach out to these men and women of the sea with the message of salvation. It is a Mission-field on our doorstep. Who knows just where a copy of the scriptures ends up in some other country one seafarer could be an international ambassador for Christ.

If you would like Dave to come to your church or group and speak about Maritime Christian Ministries then see details below or use the contact page, Thank You.